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Standing Sprays are a free flowing arrangement built into a block of foam at the centre and ment to be hung on a stand or wall. If you are looking for a looser looking, more sculptural arrangement, Standing Spray is a great choice. They also have great value, as their design makes them quite large for the price. Designed to be placed around the room of a funeral visitation, they are "one-sided" arangements facinging the guests. Our baskets contain an assortment of flowers built into a Pot/Basket.



Like all of our arrangements, every order is custom made. We take care to stock our fridges with a large assortment of fresh flowers in many colours and textures. Depending on the time of year and availibility, we will make you an arrangement to your specifications that is unique and special every time. 



With our ribbon printer we can custom print a ribbon to place across your arrangement. 
We use a white 3" wide ribbon and black foil for the letters. The printed area is usually between 12 and 22" across and we can print 1 large line of text (Example: "LOVING FRIEND") or 2 smaller lines (Example: "WITH DEEPEST SYMPATHY" - "THE JONES FAMILY"). We always recommend writing a card for the family to know who the flowers are from. Ribbons are an optional addition and are at no extra charge! 


  • Ordering funeral flowers is different from an every day order. We need to make sure the flowers are going to the right place and on-time for the visitation. This is why we ask for some extra information. 

    Please make sure you provide us all the information:
    - Deceased Name
    - Funeral Home Location (or other)
    - Time & Date of Viewing 

    Providing Delivery Address:
    On Check-out, please enter the address of the visitation location under "SHIPPING ADDRESS" this will ensure your delivery charge is applied accurately and the flowers go to the right place.

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