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Our hand-tied bouquets are a great option if you don't need a vase. We design our bouquets with a binding point that can be cut open for a looser look or kept on for a tighter look. We keep the stems nice and long to fit most vases. Fill your vase with fresh water and cut your bouquet to the desired length, insert and enjoy!



Like all of our arrangements, every order is custom made. We take care to stock our fridges with a large assortment of fresh flowers in many colours and textures. Depending on the time of year and availibility, we will make you an arrangement based on your item selection that is unique and special every time. 



PriceFrom C$55.00
  • Keep the water fresh - Replace water daily if possible or every other day and make sure the vase is clean to avoid bacteria building up.


    Trim the stems - Flowers need a fresh cut every time they are removed from water. Once your vase and water are ready, recut the stems and place them back into the water within 10 seconds so they dont breath in too much air. Make sure you cut off about 1cm.

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